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    • 02/10/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)
    • virtual

    As development officers, fundraisers and key executives you have a unique opportunity to help balance the scales of injustice in our society. Through your daily work, you advocate for the needs of the less fortunate, and help to advance the mission of nonprofit organizations doing work on the frontlines of change. In today’s social, political, and economic environment the impact of this work cannot be overstated. Decades of systemic racism and injustice have created such vast disparities in health, wealth and access that the situation has become highly unsustainable. We invite you to join us for a powerful discussion and challenge you to use your voice to influence change in new ways.

    Soulful Synergy will lead ADO members in a presentation and conversation about how we can create more equitable outcomes for communities that have been disproportionately affected by the injustices in our systems:

    During this meeting, participants will discuss:

    • How systemic injustice has impeded progress for minorities communities
    • What role can businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies play in addressing the problems and why collaborations matter
    • Why diversity and inclusion are more than just talking points but a necessity for a successful organization to thrive
    • How to communicate the real issues facing marginalized demographics when speaking to wealthy donors
    • Why your role is more important than ever before
    • How to maximize your unique position to empower those who need it most


    Presenters: Alejandro Alvarez and Dwayne Norris, Soulful Synergy

    • 04/14/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EDT)
    • virtual

    Moderator: Alison Paul, Alison Paul Grantwriting and Consulting


    • 05/12/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EDT)
    • virtual

    Many nonprofits struggle with strategic planning. Nonprofit strategic plans tend to be 5-year plans with vague objectives, 10+ goals, and almost no concrete action steps. Yet, these plans guide organizations and end up leaving them rudderless, confused and many times with a weak budget.

    In this workshop, Sarah Olivieri of PivotGround will advocate for the use of a strategic framework instead. What is the difference between a framework and a plan? While a framework adapts to change and guides through iteration, a plan is typically a list of inflexible steps. Plans do not account for new priorities/changed directions while a framework can support you in heading in a different direction. During this session, we will dive into the Impact Method™, a strategic framework designed for nonprofits. The Impact Method™ was created as a way to break down your big audacious goals into clear, easy-to-understand components.

    Participants can expect to learn:

    • the compounding positive effects of utilizing a strategic framework
    • the 3 key elements of a strategic framework
    • how to set better goals

    SPEAKER: Sarah Olivieri, PivotGround

What our members are saying after attending our programs:

“I was able to get approval on increasing the frequency of an event from every two years to annually, and helped increase online giving by 12% through crowdfunding for a climate change research organization.”

“A fundraising audit prompted the creation of our first annual report…which led to three times the $$$ on our annual appeal. (And we won a design award for the report as well!)”

“I’m engaging my donors as I like to be engaged: thoughtfully, respectfully, a dash of humor, and building the relationship – and the gifts are coming!”

“I am watching our board and staff move from skepticism about being able to raise money to being engaged and empowered.”

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