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    • 12/09/2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)
    • virtual

    Almost every nonprofit leader would agree that they need to nurture their constituent’s interests to develop deeper, longer lasting, and more profitable relationships. At the same time, most nonprofits refer to their constituent's as "donors," "advocates," "members," "ticket buyers," "volunteers" and the like. This language makes it abundantly clear that we think of our constituents through a transactional lens. Yet, we do not recognize how thoroughly transactional we are.

    This workshop reveals how deep transactional thinking is in the nonprofit sector and how this negatively impacts the value we provide and receive from our constituents.

    In one hour, we will re-engineer your mindset and replace transactional thinking with a more profound appreciation for the motivations of your constituents.

    By focusing on your constituents' motivations you can: 1) build powerful (and innovative) engagements; 2) inspire your internal teams to work together to create a seamless constituent experience; 3) breakdown silos within your nonprofit regarding who “owns” relationships; and 4) grow lifetime value with your supporters by tapping into their motivations to make positive change through your nonprofit.

    This interactive talk will provide you with 3 pragmatic tools that will empower you to use motivation to increase engagement, deepen loyalty and grow revenue with your constituents. It also promises to be heady and productive fun.

    SPEAKER:  Jan Kaderly, A Line Strategy

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What our members are saying after attending our programs:

“I was able to get approval on increasing the frequency of an event from every two years to annually, and helped increase online giving by 12% through crowdfunding for a climate change research organization.”

“A fundraising audit prompted the creation of our first annual report…which led to three times the $$$ on our annual appeal. (And we won a design award for the report as well!)”

“I’m engaging my donors as I like to be engaged: thoughtfully, respectfully, a dash of humor, and building the relationship – and the gifts are coming!”

“I am watching our board and staff move from skepticism about being able to raise money to being engaged and empowered.”

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