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TOP FUNDRAISING TIPS  from the ADO Board of Directors


Objections are a donor's way of telling a fundraiser what he needs to be comfortable making a financial commitment.

Ask your potential donor about the most meaningful gift she's ever made, and you'll know how to help her realize her dreams for your organization.


Be very specific about the impact your donor's dollar will make - when asking and certainly when saying thank you - so they feel good when it's time to ask again.

Be empowered, not encumbered, by challenges.  Remind yourself and donors that every individual has the power to improve someone's life, right in their own community.

Always have a live fundraising feature at your event; no one puts money in an envelope left on a table.

Remember that board members are like chess pieces, not checkers.  Each has a different comfort level and experience.  Work with them to tap into their unique skillset.


Always lead with gratitude - you can never be too specific, too genuine, or too generous when it comes to saying thank you.

Donors are not ATMs; they are real people who need attention, care, and appreciation.

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